Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Voting leads to surprising results

The new Voting functionality has been live to 2 weeks now and we're starting to get some interesting data.

When we collect the vote we get the handset type and I quickly noticed some handsets were getting better votes than others (albeit for the same magazines). So I did the analysis in the graph below to see which handset manufacturers got the best votes and here it is. It's based on 10K votes over the last 2 weeks (generally ~20% of downloads result in the user looking for another eyemag in which case we ask them to vote on the one they came from). It may be unfair on LG (as it only had 70 votes in the result set), but I think it is generally accurate and in a few weeks I'll run it again and post the results here. When I have more data I suspect I will be able to break down by handset models as well.

10/4/2007 - Further analysis now we have >15K votes Nokia are still clear winner over all other phones and the ranking remain the same. We need to understand why the perception of Nokia users is that EyeMags appear better. When I have even more data I will break this down further by model to try to understand the reasons for this better.

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