Tuesday, 11 January 2011

EyeMags now the largest App Factory in the World

EyeMags today announces that it is the largest App Factory in the world. We've already have more than 10K different applications created and since for each app we build 7 different variants to suit every device we have in some measures 70K applications. We feel this is very substantial and its' popularity is growing rapidly world wide. Because EyeMags support both high end and less capable devices we see the service's popularity exploding everywhere from India, Indonesia, the Middle East as well as massive take up in the US and Europe.

EyeMags is used by ordinary people for free for creating and downloading and by professional people in agencies and app development houses as well as publishers use us to create apps quickly knowing they work on all devices.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Create Native Apps for Android

New for 2011 EyeMags is pleased to announce native app support for Android.

It is now possible to create apps for Android which also work on iPhone/iPad (as an installed webapps), and on Blackberry, Nokia, LG etc as installed apps.