Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Release of the People's iPhone Appstore

Today, releases the People's iPhone Appstore. Now anyone can create their own simple iPhone apps and they can immediately by downloaded to iPhones and iPod touches.

Now non developers can build their own iPhone content applications and make them available to the public immediately using the EyeMags technology. EyeMags believe this is a world first and expect significant uptake of their service. The advantage for publishers is that these applications are automatically available for all other phone types at the same time.

EyeMags was developed two years ago by founder Robin Jewsbury while working with the team. EyeMags was a prototype system for developing some of the sharing features which were put into Mippin. “What surprised us was the huge uptake in the EyeMags service even though we did not promote it. Nearly 9,000 apps were created in two years and these are now all available for download to the iPhone as well as all other phones” says founder Robin Jewsbury. “EyeMags was such a success that we decided to create a new company, just for EyeMags so we could concentrate on it.”

The applications are simple content applications. They do not have the rich functionality that many Appstore apps have, so Robin Jewsbury does not see them as a direct competitor to the iTunes Appstore. It does, however, fill a need for people to publish their own content to the iPhone cost effectively and without waiting for weeks for it to be approved. Even though EyeMags are HTML5 Webapps the applications are very different to those on Apples own webapps site at This site contains links to websites, whereas EyeMags applications can be installed, run full screen and can be run without network connection to the Internet once installed.

EyeMags is a free service for publishers and consumers of the content. Creation of iPhone applications remain free until the end of the year after which time there will be a small charge levied on publishers to enable it for publication. Anything created before that date will remain free. Additionally publishers will be able to pay a larger but cost effective fee for their apps to be built into native applications which can be published to the iTunes appstore.

You can see how easy it is to create and install an application and watch Robin Jewsbury demonstrate this in less than 5 mins at

Specific EyeMag examples – on the iPod or iPhone go to the following urls: world wonders City guides for London,
New York and Paris Art or just go to on the iphone and browser the 9000 magazines which can be downloaded.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

EyeMags 2nd Stage revamp will be announced Wednesday

EyeMags 2nd stage will be announced Wednesday 28th October and it's a big announcement so stay tuned.

Meanwhile we've done a few small additions.

1) Private content is now accessible only through a PIN number that only the publisher knows.
2) Publishers can now see which category their published eyemag has been put in

Small things, the big announcement is Wednesday.

Friday, 2 October 2009

EyeMags 1st stage revamp released

The first stage in re-vamping EyeMags is now complete. The new look and feel is released today. The UI is now clean and simple and much more in keeping with its Web2.0 heritage.

A number of new features have also been added. It is now possible to specify private content and adult content is split into 15+ and 18+. The service is now hosted in the US, so our American users will see improved response times.

There's much more to come, in particular you will shortly see improved support for iPhone and high end touch Nokias.