Thursday, 11 October 2007

Mippin to be shown at Mobile2.0

Mippin is to be demonstrated at the Mobile 2.0 Conference in San Fancisco on Monday. See the other companies showing and the speaker list, and conference details.

Mippin is Launched

Mippin is our new product and is launched today. See our press release.

And thanks to all those bloggers who have already commented

Ewan from SMSTextNews said "Mippin is just phenomenal. Really, really smart"
Alessandro from Biskero said "The guys from Refresh Mobile did it again"
David Cushman from Fasterfutre said "This is Widsets on steroids"

Also Read JemiMa Kiss in the Digital Guardian...
, David Murphy of Mobile Marketing at
, Mike Butcher of Tech Crunch
plus TVDigest, PerfectPath , GoMo News (sorry we'll sort you out very soon and thanks for being nice about it!!!) and ShinyShiny.

See the video of the service at:

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

3Million Downloads for EyeMags

EyeMags has reached 3 Million downloads in its first 6 months of existence and it continues to grow at an ever increasing rate. Also since we added the mobile site where you can view magazines online before downloading we've also got to 70K page hits per day (that's ~2Million every month).
However, you may have noticed that in the last 3 months there have been no new features. The reason is that we have been busy working on another project - and this is even more exciting and going to be even bigger than EyeMags. Its announced tomorrow so they'll be more in a blog tomorrow. In the meantime the news has leaked out and if you want to read the news before its officially released read it here, here, here and here.