Tuesday, 3 November 2009

S60 Touch phone support Released today

EyeMags (eyemags.com), a personal content application generator for all mobile phones, announces today that they can provide full support for S60 Touch phones including the Nokia N97, N97 mini, Nokia 5800, Nokia 5900, Nokia 5230 and Sony Ericsson Satio phones. Content applications are built by the server using WRT widget technology.

Following our successful launch of the iPhone App Creation last week further work with the top end Smartphone market sees us launch support for these latest Nokia and Sony Ericsson Smartphones. Both these technologies build on top of the mobile Java (J2ME) applications used for all other devices.

Now non developers can build their own content applications for most phones from low end to the top end Smartphones and make them available to the public immediately using the EyeMags technology. EyeMags believe this is a world first and expect significant uptake of their service. The advantage for publishers is that these applications are automatically available for all other phone types at the same time.

EyeMags was developed two years ago by founder Robin Jewsbury while working with the Mippin.com team. EyeMags was a prototype system for developing some of the sharing features which were put into Mippin. “What surprised us was the huge uptake in the EyeMags service even though we did not promote it. Nearly 9,000 apps were created in two years and these are now all available for download to the S60 touch phones and the iPhone as well as all other phones” says founder Robin Jewsbury. “EyeMags was such a success that we decided to create a new company, just for EyeMags so we could concentrate on it.”

The applications are simple content applications. They do not have the rich functionality that many Appstore apps have, so Robin Jewsbury does not see them as a direct competitor to the other Appstores. Estimates, appeared this week saying about 20% of the apps in the iPhone Appstore are simple content apps like EyeMags so it’s at this level where there is overlap. The difference is that EyeMags is a one-stop shop for the same content available to all phones and this content can be created by anyone without any development expertise. It is believed there is no other comparable service.

EyeMags is a free service for publishers and consumers of the content and will always be free for low end and feature phones. Creation of Smartphone applications will remain free until the end of December after which time there will be a small charge levied on publishers to enable it for publication. Anything created before that date will remain free for all time so content owner are encouraged to use us sooner rather than later.

You can see how easy it is to create and install an application and watch Robin Jewsbury demonstrate this in less than 5 mins at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N04WvI0xE0Q.