Thursday, 26 August 2010

EyeMags now supports Bada Wave platform

Following our successful launch of Android support we now offer the same support for Bada Wave devices using webapps. Now thousands of EyeMags are available as interactive webapps.

CEO Robin Jewsbury said "Bada is a great platform, but Samsung do not allow delivery of apps to their wave phones outside their own SamsungApps download platform. So instead of deliverying native apps we now deliver the same functionality as a webapp from EyeMags. Separately we can package up any eyemags and deliver them via SamsungApps, so we get the best of both worlds."

Any publisher can now experiment creating their apps for any phone using EyeMags technology and then if they want that app downloaded from a native app platform such as iTunes, Ovistore or SamsungApps they can contact us and pay a small fee to have the app made available for download as a native app.

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