Monday, 14 December 2009

Whitelabel support for Mobile Publishing (Eyemags) and new exciting publisher features

EyeMags (, the content mobile app generator for all mobile phones, announces today support for Whitelabelling of all the functionality under anyone’s branding. As a first example of this being achieved we announce MobileMags a site to allow the Fashion Industry to create Fashion Magazine apps. This site is run as a whitelabel by the Fashion blog network

The CEO of 360Fashion the super model Anina said "Bringing Fashion publishing into the mobile has been a long time goal for 360Fashion. Working together with Robin Jewsbury to create a high quality publishing platform was a great integration to our product offerings. We are proud to work together with Robin create a powerful publishing platform for serious publishers."

Also announced today are some new exciting new publishing features which become available to EyeMags and its' whitelabel partners on the same day. These features are available as a service called Premium EyeMags. Premium capability can be purchased by the publisher for as little as US$4.95 per app and the cost reduces as the number of apps being produced increases. The download of the apps themselves remains free and creating non premium EyeMags also remains free. As a consumer service EyeMags remains 100% free.

The new capabilities include allowing more pages in the app produced and more a new capability we call e-Links on every story of the app. e-Links are ecommerce links they allow the publisher to define, not just web links, but the links can take the user into an e-commerce transaction by sending an SMS or making a phone call. There are also special types of link for competition replies, map references and videos.

In non premium mode EyeMags is a free service for publishers and consumers of the content.

You can see how easy it is to create a premium apps with all the new features and then install the application on several phones and watch Robin Jewsbury demonstrate this in less than 10 mins at

About Alibro Ltd

Alibro was formed in Oct 2009 as a spin off from the 4 year old VC funded startup RefreshMobile Ltd (with as their product) by the co-founder of RefreshMobile, Robin Jewsbury. Alibro’s purpose is to further the development of and become the You-tube for Mobile Apps. Read more about Alibro Ltd at


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The 360Fashion Network is at the crossroads of Fashion and Technology, a 360 degree overview of what is happening in the world of fashion, as observed by professionals within the industry.

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