Thursday, 10 May 2007

700K downloads and 1000 EyeMags created

So we're just over two months old and we've had 700K downloads growing at a rate of 20% per week.

On the EyeMags creation front we have had nearly different 400 people create over 1000 different EyeMags. Generally we get 7 new EyeMags every day.

The latest functionality to be added at the beginning of the week was Mobile preview of any EyeMag. Now before you download your EyeMag you can preview it in the phone's browser - this is to help you decide which are the best ones to download. We try to make the preview user experience as near to the application user experience as possible, by sizing the pictures for the phone screen size, but obviously the fast response and usability is far better in the application itself. Some people told us it would result in fewer actual downloads, but the reality is it has made no difference and in addition we're getting 6K page views per day of the preview site.

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